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The Neutral Collection

A Limited Edition Collection of Pure Soy Candles designed for those who love a neutral aesthetic. Enjoy 70 hours of burn time in our matte cream vessels and coordinating lids for the ultra-monochromatic moment. 

Handcrafted in our Massachusetts based studio with U.S.A. grown pure soy wax, essential oil and/or phthalate free fragrance blends, organic cotton wicking and beautiful reusable vessels. 

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  1. Bergamot & Mahogany 12 oz. Soy Candle
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  2. Birchwood 12 oz. Soy Candle
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  3. Fresh Eucalyptus 12 oz. Soy Candle
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  4. Lavender Sage 12 oz. Soy Candle
  5. Oakmoss & Amber 12 oz. Soy Candle
  6. Palo Santo 12 oz. Soy Candle
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  7. Sea Salt & Orchid 12 oz. Soy Candle
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  8. Teakwood & Tobacco 12 oz. Soy Candle