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Luxury Room Mist

Introducing our newest product, Luxury Room Mists. Thoughtfully curated in a scent collection designed to evoke feelings of calmness, positive energy and well-being. Our fine fragrance mist begins with a natural, sustainable and organic base making these non-toxic, eco-friendly and cruelty free. Spritz throughout your home, space or room linens and enjoy the aroma. 

Be sure to complete your fragrance collection by shopping our coordinating Pure Soy Candle Collection available in matching scents!

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  1. Room Spray Bundle
  2. Cleanse 4 oz. Room Mist | Palo Santo Room Spray
  3. Invigorate 4 oz. Room Mist | Birchwood Room Spray
  4. Refresh 4 oz. Room Mist | Fresh Eucalyptus Room Spray
  5. Relax 4 oz. Room Mist | Lavender Sage Room Spray