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Soy Wax Fragrance Melts

Back by popular demand, let's welcome back Fragrance Melts! Hand poured with pure soy wax, infused with essential oils and available in our favorite aromas, fragrance melts are heavily scented and slow melting for the ultimate fragrance experience. 

Be sure to browse our coordinating Pure Soy Wax Candles to create an elevated fragrance experience for your home or space. 

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  1. Coconut and Santal Fragrance Melts
  2. Driftwood Fragrance Melts
  3. Salt and Sea Fragrance Melts
  4. Watermelon Spritz Fragrance Melts
  5. Sunkissed Fragrance Melts
  6. Spring Fragrance Melt Bundle
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  7. Cactus Flower Fragrance Melts
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  8. Citrus & Mint Fragrance Melts
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  9. Coastal Fragrance Melts
  10. Sweet Lemon Fragrance Melts
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  11. Vanilla Blossom Fragrance Melts
  12. Spa Day Fragrance Melts
  13. Summer Fragrance Melt Bundle