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The Valentine's Day Collection

The sweetest collection of the year has arrived! Our Valentine's Day collection is thoughtfully and intentionally curated for the season of LOVE. Shop a collection full of the prettiest, most beautiful fragrances of the season. Discover items to treat yourself with or gift to your favorite Galentine or Valentine.

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  1. Blush 8 oz. Mason Jar Soy Candle
  2. Blush 8 oz. Soy Candle
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  3. Blush 4 oz. Room Mist
  4. Blush Fragrance Melts
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  5. Bubbly 8 oz. Mason Jar Soy Candle
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  6. Bubbly 8 oz. Soy Candle
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  7. Bubbly 4 oz. Room Mist
  8. Bubbly Fragrance Melts
  9. Large Match Bottle
  10. Fancy Matches
  11. Apothecary Matches
  12. Oval Wood Tray
  13. Round Wood Tray
  14. Matte Black Wick Trimmers from Birchouse Botanicals
  15. Matte Black Candle Snuffer